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Updated – The CRM and Future Development

I am updating the CRM again.
CRM Plugin Update
I am also hosting the plugin at the site and all future posts. Any contributions to the update would be great.

I am moving all elements surrounding the crm away from and to It needs a separate site. It might be best to consider a totally different domain name.

After due consideration and financial and time costs I am unable to continue the development of this project at this point in time.

I am sorry that development stopped for a while but please read this post to see why. I have been trying to understand the best approach in developing this plugin further. Please feel free to comment and let me know.


CRM – What next?

We currently have several ideas of where to take this next:

  1. A contact form that auto adds details to the crm.
  2. User level and content viewing. Basically we allocate a user a level when they get an account. WordPress has 4 user levels – subscriber, editor, contributor and administrator. What I would like to do is add an option to the plugin to allocated additional user levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold. These levels then get access to certain content that nobody else gets access to. Allowing a membership site to be set up.
  3. Open up data so when a client logs in they see their own data. Useful for reviewing history, passing documents, etc.
  4. A small shop or ecommerce system including room management or a booking system

Any other ideas please?

Cregy CRM

Looks like we might be through the beta and shortly will be releasing the new version. It is substantially different to the first and will take getting used to. Some people will like it and some people won’t! But first a quick user guide. I’ll create a screenshot shortly to show it in action.

1. Install the plugin and activate as usual. When activated it creates a new category called CRM and also several new tags such as telephone, email, visit, etc.

Activate Plugin
Activate Plugin

2. Once installed head over to Users and create a new user.

Add new user
Add new user

3. Now edit the user and you will see several new options in the user menu. Address, telephone, company etc. Complete these fields and then press save.

Extra Fields
Extra Fields

4. When you do this a couple of things will happen.
4a. A new category will be created under the category CRM.


4b. A new tag will be created using the name of the firm and the name of the individual.

5. The next stage is to create a post. Head over and create a post and allocate the post to the new user category created when you created a new user. Add the tag created as well and you can also tags such as telephone, email, etc.

Create a Post
Create a Post

6. Now when you click on the users menu you will notice an additional menu called CRM. Under this will be some new features.

Client List
Client List

What you now see is your clients broken down into companies and staff relating to that company.

Best thing is to explore the plugin. The plugin is still only available to beta testers.

The plugin will now allow you to attach files and images, videos of course to the posts. The posts added to the crm category will not be viewable unless you are logged in.


The post/category/tag will not be hidden if they are coming from widgets. If some other widgets are used other than default ones they should be treated accordingly.

Cregy CRM

It is that time thankfully. We have started work on the new CRM WordPress plugin. It has been redesigned from the ground up and will take on a totally different format. At this point I need to say that this is not an upgrade from the old plugin. It is a totally new plugin and there will be no upgrade path. Sorry guys.

We will shortly need beta testers. I am hoping that the beta will be ready by the middle of next week. If you are interested then please email me and I will add you to the list.

By the way the first 50 that reply to this email will get the plugin free. The next 50 will get the plugin at half price, everyone after that will have to pay full price. So get your emails to me.

For those that want to know the cost of the new plugin will be £0!

Starting the Rebuild of the CRM

I am ready to start the rebuild of the CRM. It will take a new course of action. The first thing we will be doing is to change the way the user element of WordPress works. That’s to say we will be adding features.

When the plugin is activated it will create new fields:
Company Name
Address Field 1
Address Field 2
Post Code
Country (Could be a drop down select)
Telephone Number
Mobile Number

It will also create a new category called CRM. And new tags Telephone, Email, Visit. And finally a link in the sidebar called CRM.

When creating a new user the plugin will add certain fields when the new user is created. For example if the new user is Richard Brown whose firm is Cregy, a new sub-category under the main category of CRM will be created. This sub-cat will be called Cregy. The plugin will also create a new tag called cregy_richardbrown.

The plugin will now work like this. I make a new post and add it to the category Cregy and tag it richardbrown. I also add the tag Telephone. In the content box, I write something like, Phoned Rich and spoke about the new website. When I press publish certain things need to happen.

1. The post is not visible from the front end if not logged in.
2. When clicking the CRM link in the sidebar we now get a client list. The first name in the list will simply be Cregy. Sub links under Cregy will be: Edit, Posts, Tags. If I click on Edit, it takes me to the edit user information. If I click on Posts it will lists all the posts I have made under Cregy. And if I click on tags it will list all the tags beginning cregy.

This means I can quickly view any contacts I have made with the firm Cregy or with Richard Brown.

So if I now add a second contact called Claire Stoner who also works at Cregy. I end up with the tag cregy_clairestoner. So if I look under the crm link and click on Cregy I now have all posts created for everyone who works at Cregy. If I click tags, I can quickly see the posts sorted by the tag lists. So I can view the contacts made with Claire or Rich.

Under the Edit link I will now find 2 options…. edit Richard Brown or edit Claire Stoner.

I am not sure how long it will take but I will update this post to let all know. If you have any comments please add them in the usual place. If you would like to contribute towards the plugin please use the contribute link I have added.

In the course of the building the plugin I am going to add various elements. The first will be whether you require a contact to be visible in the front-end as a business card. The second will be whether you want to allow the clients to access their information. This could take the form of a new tag that allows certain user levels to view. i.e. The client logs in and doesn’t see the dashboard but sees all the posts with this tag listed. In this way you could pass on information. They could also be allowed to edit their contact information.

Additionally I will add an invoice feature.

And finally, I think the Church directory is a brilliant idea and I will be turning this into a membership CRM as well. All the features will be available to everyone but just how you use it will be different. For instance, adding a list of users feature will enable it to become a membership plugin. Any user logging in will be able to see all users and search for a user.

Unfortunately, I do have a limited budget and also limited time, so if you want to add elements then contributing will speed up the development. Thanks.

A Rebuilt CRM

This will probably end up with a series of posts or worse, I will edit this post as I add new thoughts! Anyway, I believe that the crm needs to be rebuilt for a number of reasons. Firstly, it actually has very limited connection with WordPress. Secondly, WordPress already has a user level built in and is a much requested function of the crm to couple with the crm. Thirdly, I would like to add the ability to attach posts to users or groups. i.e. Rather than have a separate notes area, to create posts that have categories related to the groups or posts of users.

I need to unpack all of this a bit more. In the newly created crm I envision people creating a new user as part of the crm. The user would relate to the firm. The crm element would allow additional elements to be added to that user such as address, contact names, telephone numbers, etc. So now we have a user that has the ability to log into WordPress and view posts specific to them or a group assigned to them.

By that last statement I mean that we create a category called Hosting. Now all my clients that host of me will be allocated to the category called hosting. I will also create a category called clients. Under clients I will add my new client called Mullenweg Enterprises. Now I can create a user manual for all my clients using WordPress and point them to the WordPress log in. When they log in they will see a new theme dedicated to logged in users. It will contain a list of posts relevant to them. So under the heading Customers, they will see the post titled, “How to use WordPress”.

Here’s where it gets better. Because under the category Mullenweg Enterprises I can now create a post listing the work needed to complete their new website. They can read this post and add a comment. I get an email telling me they have responded with a comment and I log in and respond as well.

This gets better when more when you add further functions such as account management or invoicing. You can create an invoice and email the client with a copy. The client logs in and can see the invoice under their client post lists and can comment directly to the invoice…. “Splendid work, cheque on the way”.

Obviously meeting notes, telephone calls, etc can be logged in this way so the client can see them or you can use tags. Using tags would mean you could hide certain information relevant to the client but not something they should see.

The note reminder will be changed slightly to continue to work in the same way. A new post would be created, Ring Client…. It could be listed under a category called Jobs…. This category could be set up to send a reminder a week or a day before the meeting. I actually think this side of things is something I would leave out. I use a diary that works far more efficiently than the one created in the crm.

I feel a rebuilt crm could be useful for many different things not only for running a business. Maybe a membership site….

Anyway, what do you think please? Can you suggest further changes or would you leave things as they are?


WordPress CRM

On installation navigate to settings – crm. You will then be asked whether you require the plugin to be at top level or not. If you choose top level a link will be placed below settings.

This first image shows the initial image page you will be shown.

Initial View

From the image you can see the link to add a contact, with a search function below that, a complete list of all your contacts and finally at the bottom the ability to add a contact. Alongside the ‘Add a Contact’ link is the link to the reminder list and at the end of each contact line is a further link to add notes relating to each contact. See below for further screenshots.

Select/edit a Contact:


Notes View:

Showing the calendar function in notes:

Showing the keyword selection in notes:


Reminders with date function showing:

If you want to test run the plugin I have set a site up but you will need to email me for the login details. I can be contacted on lists at cregy dot com.

Download the CRM

The plugin has been upgraded and additional elements are now available:
1. Additional Contact Information
You can now add additional client info for companies.

Additional contact info

Additional contact info display

2. Sort by Client, Supplier, Opportunity

3. When using opportunity, additional field created called sales ranking.

4. When sorting by opportunity sales ranking is now displayed.